A Student’s Perspective, Day Fifteen: Ben Shin

Hi, I’m Ben Shin, and I want to show you what life here looks like. Before I describe my wonderful and productive day, I will introduce myself.

I am currently studying sports medicine and finance here in Oxbridge UCLA. I want to found a biotech company and work as a CEO and a researcher. With the biotech industry growing like crazy in California, choosing Oxbridge programs in LA wasn’t a hard decision for me.

Speaking of biology, my classmates and I in sports medicine started off the day with a bang. Remember the dude that we visited at the ESPN radio station on the second day of camp? He came to our class today to talk to us about hip and knee replacement surgery. He showed us some of his patented surgical tools as well as bone models. It was super sick, but the sickest thing we saw was a 3D replica of Wilt Chamberlain’s femur as well as a human one! Thanks Dr. Klapper for the interesting talk. You the real MVP.

Shortly after the class, I went to grab a quick “healthy” lunch (Hi Mom, I’m making super conscious decisions. It’s not like I’m eating Panda Express and Taco Bell everyday… kind of) and got ready to go to Rodeo Drive. After what seemed like a two hour military style run, we hopped onto the bus and arrived.

As much as I wanted to walk into Versace, grab a $1975 jacket, and ball out like it wasn’t a thing, I reminded myself of the aftermath I would face if I swiped that card. Don’t worry though, in ten years, I will have become successful enough to be balling out like there is no tomorrow. Just you wait. Anyways, since I couldn’t buy anything expensive, I just walked around with my friends to enjoy the scenic area. It’s artsy enough to maybe squeeze out an Instagram post or two.

After drooling at clothes costing more than my soul, I came back and grabbed dinner. Since projects are right around the corner, I spent most of my free time studying and preparing for my final project.

Later that night, an attempt to relax and unwind, we all play Jeopardy. As you can see:

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.13.28 AM

We had a blast. As much as this Jeopardy night was supposed to be chill, it turned out to be pretty intense. My team went clutch, struggling at first, but managed to win it all. Shout out to Dani for being aggressive on all of the questions and Chris for going straight ham!!! Go Universal!

Now, as I am lying in my room, typing all of this up, I’m starting to realize that it’s been two weeks since I got here. We’re halfway through. I’m super excited to participate in activities like going to the Getty Museum (it’s going to be hype because Mr. Getty was such a baller back in the day. He’s a straight up homie), but at the same time, I want time to pass by slowly because I am definitely not going to be happy with leaving.

Anyways, this has been Ben. I actually enjoyed writing this post. Peace out, and as Matt would say: “Saturdays are for the boys!”