Oxbridge Experimental Mocktail Club (OEMC)

Today, students from the Culture & Cuisine, Fashion and Creative Writing majors presented their cocktails to the Jury along  with a description story and a touch of fashion.

Six groups were formed and each got a prize:

  • The contest winner: Team SKF; Mocktail name: ”Snow Piercer” made by Sima, Kerem & Felippe.
  • Culture & Cuisine prize: Team SAS; Mocktail name: ”Solce&Gabana” made by Sofia, Alex & Stella.
  • Fashion prize: Team The Classy Cocos; Mocktail name: ”Coco Cosmos” made by Davon, Florence & Sierra.
  • Creative writing prize: The Golden Team; Mocktail name: ”Autumn Leaves”, made by Anna, Sidney & Max.
  • Creativity prize: Team Pink Flamingos, Mocktail name: ”Flampeacha Child”, made by Miles, Emily & Sul.
  • Inspiration prize: Team The Roses, Mocktail name: ”Sleeping beauty”, made by Angelina, Katherine & Simmi