Major Mixer and Field Day!!!

Hi Parents!

Today the CamPrep students had the exciting opportunity to try two new majors for one day only.



In the Social Psychology class, students were discussing meme culture and how it can affect the way we view society and the way in which memes are adopted by certain groups.



In Creative Writing, students were asked to write a list of things that inspired, excited and amazed them, onto slips of paper, which were then put into a hat. They were then asked to draw connections between what they picked out at random, and then think up stories using their slips.


The afternoon saw students venture to the Cambridge University Rugby Club for field day. The Activities Directors Maddy and Tim organised a selection of sports for the competing classes – hockey, ultimate frisbee, rounders, mind games, and an inflatable obstacle course! Everyone played really well, and the contest was closely fought, but first place went to the Creative Writing team, second place to the Cosmology and Chemistry classes, and third place to the Global Business and Global Politics classes.

To round off the day,  students attended a talk delivered by Sir Christopher Hum, the former British ambassador to China.


An optional movie screening occurred after this, of The Imitation Game about the incredible achievements of British intelligence workers during the WWII, among them Alan Turing, a Cambridge alumnus from King’s College.