Punting, Running, Juggling and Shakespeare

The students have had one of their most action-packed days so far, with a massive variety of activities taking place in the afternoon. In the morning the students had their major class, which was followed by a photo of all the CamPrep staff and students. In the afternoon, the students were able to choose between loads of different activities. These ranged from punting along the river Cam (a must-do activity when in Cambridge!), climbing to the top of St Mary’s church to get a view over the city’s historic centre, going for a group run through the beautiful Grantchester meadows, learning to juggle, and a trip to watch Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.


Math and Nature involved a lot of active student participation today!



Happy-looking cosmology students (and teacher)

Studio Art students ventured outside to take inspiration from the 800 year-old buildings within Peterhouse.





Action packed day for the students!











Twenty students went to St Mary’s Church this afternoon and braved the climb up over 200 steps. They were rewarded with amazing views over Cambridge, and took loads of photos. Hopefully there is going to be another trip within the next few weeks, due to popular demand.


Incredible views from the top of St Mary’s




Some students also went punting along the river Cam to see the historic colleges from the back and hear all kinds of amazing facts and stories about the university.



In the evening, a large group of students went to see an outdoor production of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ in King’s College Fellows’ Garden.

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In the meantime, another group of students took to juggling in Peterhouse Deer Park. The entire group picked it up remarkably quickly, managing to juggle really well in just one hour, under tuition from Dean Bill.





Learning (very successfully!) to juggle

Tomorrow looks to be another action packed day, with the ‘Major Mixer’ in the morning followed by a Field Day in the afternoon. Tune in tomorrow for all the updates!