Classes Out and A Night Musical

It was an eventful day in New York City for the kids today. We had teachers take their kids out of the classroom and learn through some of the best features that this city has to offer.

Art History went to the Cloisters to look at the beauty of the monastery from the inside and view the pieces that the museum had to offer inside.

Film class did some film shooting right on the Barnard campus as they are finishing up with their final project.

Musical Theatre also enjoying some fresh air while rehearsing and also taking some fun shots to let loose a bit.

As for the activities after the class, we had a couple more than usual tonight.

Jonathan, our multi-talented activities director, took a group of kids down to Time Square to capture pictures of city life and to also give the students tips and suggestions on how to take a good picture.

Another group went down to Chinatown where they have a lot of things to do while also experiencing some of the Chinese culture in New York City’s backyard. Kids ate a lot of different foods and went in and out of shops checking out the interesting clothing and souvenirs. Others went and checked out the awesome museum, Columbus Park, or the Buddhist Temple.