Bop o’clock!

Bops are an essential part of the Oxford student experience. Situated somewhere along the party spectrum between a school disco and a hardcore club-night, each Oxford college holds bops three times a term.

Bops are not meant to be taken seriously, and provide the opportunity to blow off steam without having to walk more than five minutes from your room. Each college has their bop traditions. At Wadham College, a bop cannot end until Nelson Mandela by The Specials is played, and those at St Hugh’s College are required to have a minimum of three Britney Spears songs.

Our students enjoyed their very own bop last night, hosted Activities Directors Freddie and Tim (DJ Baby T), with just the right balance of cheesy pop and international dance music!

The next bop will be next Saturday, and the students are waiting with baited breath for another taste of DJ Baby T.