Irish Times Journalist Shares Valuable Trade Tips

Katie Colgna, an Oxford Tradition student taking Journalism, has written a piece about the talk by Suzanne Lynch that was held on July 4th.

From her perch as White House correspondent for the Irish Times, Suzanne Lynch shared some interesting observations about journalism during her talk at the Pichette Auditorium of Pembroke College on July 4th, 2017. She implored her audience to read political stories closely and think about how a reporter might have gotten information that wasn’t available to other reporters. Who were the sources? Did they have an agenda?

Lynch also used her own diverse career—she’s reported on major world events, such as the 2008 global economic collapse and the Syrian refugee crisis—to emphasize the importance of journalistic “versatility.”

During a time when the media is under constant attack by the new Trump Administration, Lynch cautioned aspiring journalists to check facts closely and not rush stories into print. She also suggested that young people interested in journalism would be wise to work at their school newspaper, yearbook, or even the local paper. Getting experience as a reporter and learning how to find stories puts you on the path to a career in journalism, she said.