Opening Ceremony

After a bright and early breakfast this morning, we all headed over to the Sheldonian Theatre (dodging tourists along the way) for the Opening Ceremony. After walking past the ‘faceless Caesars’, grotesque gargoyles that surround the Sheldonian, our students filled the historic building in readiness for the ceremony ahead.



Construction of the theatre began in 1664, and is the location of all official University of Oxford ceremonies, such as matriculation and graduation. In such beautiful surroundings, it would have been difficult for the students not to be inspired by Professor James Basker’s speech about the program, which highlighted the diversity of this years’ program and the excitement that each new cohort brings.



Before the faculty introduced themselves, the students showed their national pride by cheering when their country was called. We started with a strong show from the Australian contingent, and ended with an All-American bellow, but there was commendable effort from the less represented nations – a special mention to the single Cypriot who put the others to shame!



After admin team and faculty introductions (with a mysterious number of Italians claiming to be Scandinavian), students separated into their Major courses, ready for their first class!

Sheldonian Molecular Medicine Class 2017