Meet the Rest of the Team!


Michael McKinley is Director of The Oxford Tradition. A Vancouver native, he was educated at the University of British Columbia, and St John’s College, Oxford. He has won national newswriting awards and written a best-selling novella, in addition to writing and producing several documentaries – including the six-part CNN series Finding Jesus, for which Michael also co-wrote the companion book. He has three TV drama pilots in development, and has just completed The Glamour of Evil, the first in his series of Vatican spy novels. Michael’s favourite place in Oxford is Oxford.

“I don’t mean that facetiously– the place had me at hello, as they say, and it’s a great pleasure and privilege to be able to return here each summer to bask in its splendour.”



Larry Klein is Associate Director, and he assures me that there is nothing interesting about him. Like any parent, Larry claims that he likes the two program offices equally, but I suspect that the Pembroke office is secretly his favourite (no bias).



Lauren Alexander is an Executive Coordinator, and is often a clown in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade (a big deal). On her time off, she loves to eat at The Grand Café, which claims to be the oldest coffee house in England.



Justin Bangs is an Executive Coordinator, and has over a decade of experience teaching and serving as an administrator with Oxbridge Academic Programs, but this is his first summer with Oxbridge in Oxford. He is thrilled to experience this magical city and his favourite spot is already Blackwell’s, the famed bookshop.



Rob Collopy is an Executive Coordinator. He studied History and Economics at New College, and appropriately his favourite place in Oxford is the New College cloisters.



Sian Heap is the Financial Officer. She worked at the famed Blackwell’s for a year, and is always happy to talk about books! When exploring the city, you will probably bump into her at Ben’s Cookies at the Covered Market. There is no guilt in that pleasure.



Melissa Adams is a Program Dean, and very impressively she sang the national anthem at a Washington Capitals game. She likes to indulge in a walk around Christchurch meadow.



Edmund Herlihy is a Program Dean who used to be able to faint on command. He probably still can, but is trying to avoid students abusing his powers. He recommends a climb to the top of St Mary’s tower, for a beautiful view of the whole city and a 9/10 Instagram of the Radcliffe Camera library.



Jim Seaha is a Program Dean. Jim almost made it to EverSpace camp! If you follow Edmund’s advice, you may see Jim on the street below, since the Radcliffe Camera library is his favourite place in Oxford.



Adam Frye is a Program Dean with a passion and knowledge of Manga, and he encourages you to talk to him about it/allow him to convert you to it. He thinks that you should all know that telling any college that you’re a prospective student means that they will let you in for free.



Stewart Brown is a Program Dean. Being a football coach, it would be a good idea to get him on your team whenever a friendly game starts. He enjoys jogging along the Isis river walk.



Claire Staples is a Program Dean, and she used to work on The Cambridge Tradition – this being her first year at The Oxford Tradition. Corpus Christi is her favourite place in Oxford, which is very helpful given that is where she will be working!