Introducing the College Experience in Boston Admin Team!

Get to know your Oxbridge College Experience in Boston 2017 staff!



Sarah hails from Connecticut where she teaches 7th and 8th grade History and English at St. Luke’s School, an independent school. There she coaches soccer, softball and choreographs the winter musicals. She studied at Wheaton College (MA) and George Washington University. She loves to dance, travel, and try new things. Previously she served as a Dean for the St Andrews and Boston Oxbridge programs, and is excited to steer the ship this year as Director. As always, she’s most excited to meet new students from all over the world to share her love of adventure, boy bands, and Oxbridge.



Kody lives in New York and just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). Kody joined the Oxbridge team full-time in May, and as an Oxbridge alumnus for The Oxford Tradition 2011, he is quite excited to be the Executive Coordinator for the Boston Program this summer! He feels that being on the administrative side of an Oxbridge program will be new and rewarding.



Luke hails from Richmond, Virginia. He has spent the past ten years in the San Francisco Bay Area studying and teaching languages. He has a B.A. from Dickinson College in French and Russian and an M.A. in Slavic languages and literatures from U.C. Berkeley. Luke has spent three years of his life abroad, in France and in Russia, and has traveled to over twenty countries so far. He enjoys cooking and riding his Vespa back in California. Luke is most excited to get to know the diverse group of students coming to Oxbridge Boston this summer, and to learn about their lives and experiences as he supports them in the role of Program Dean.



Beatriz is from from San Juan, Puerto Rico currently lives there. She studied Comparative Literature, as well as Latin American and Latino literature. She also completed a minor in British literature as an undergrad, has an MA and went as far as an ABD in Composition Literature. Beatriz currently teaches English and Literature at a preparatory school in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is very excited about participating in Oxbridge at Boston because she admires Oxbridge’s academic focus that she has experienced for three separate summers, and is interested to see how it will work in the Harvard and the Cambridge environment. Most importantly, Beatriz want to help make Oxbridge an enjoyable and productive experience, and learn to see Cambridge from the students’ point of view.



Kamilla is a rising senior at Boston University. She currently studies Behavior and Health, and hopes to do Occupational Therapy in the future. She was born and raised in Queens in New York City.  Some of Kamilla’s hobbies include reading, watching movies, visiting different museums, and hanging out with friends. This is her first time working at Oxbridge and she’s excited to show off Boston to the high schoolers. She love the city and hopes that after this experience, the students will too!



Colleen is from from Stowe, Vermont and is an avid runner and nordic skier. Colleen is also an alum of the Oxbridge Cambridge Tradition program in 2012. Currently, Colleen is a rising senior here at Harvard studying History and Celtic Studies. She is excited to be working with Oxbridge this summer and share her knowledge of Harvard and Cambridge with those eager to see what the city has to offer.



Born in Boston, MA, Amalia grew up in Malden, MA, a city in the Greater Boston area right on the orange T line in Boston. Amalia has a BA in English Literature and Hispanic Studies from Wheaton College (MA), from which she just graduated from this year. She spent the last year living and studying abroad in Granada, Spain. Amalia has been an avid athlete her entire life- among playing soccer, basketball, and practicing kung fu, she is most passionate about swimming, and competed for Wheaton during her time there. Amalia loves photography, Batman, watching (and talking!) about movies, dancing merengue, traveling, and Halloween. Her favorite book is In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, with whom she proudly shares a birthday with, September 30th. This is Amalia’s first time working at Oxbridge and she is excited to share her native city with the students from all over the world eager to learn.



Originally from Sheffield, United Kingdom, Aniruddh moved around and grew up mostly in the Silicon Valley, CA and a few years in Bangalore, India, as well as spent a year in West Palm Beach, Florida. He currently lives in the Netherlands where he studies International Medicine (M.D Programme) in the University of Groningen. Although the Oxbridge College Experience in Boston is Aniruddh’s first ‘proper’ job, he has volunteered in hospitals as a shadow and as a secretary for his grandfather’s commonwealth charity CAMHADD (Commonwealth for the Mentally Handicapped and Developmentally Disabled). Aniruddh enjoys collecting currencies from all around the world: at one point, he had saved the equivalent of $400 from 31 currencies! He also enjoys practicing taekwondo and writing short stories/reading. Finally, Aniruddh is very excited to get to know the students and staff members this summer and contribute as an Oxbridge alum.