Super Supreme Saturday

As our English Literature class discussed, poetry can be found in a variety of mediums and serves a variety of purposes. Our classes were poetry in motion as the majors were beginning to wrap up and finalise their projects and presentations. Medicine was dissecting lungs today, International Relations continued their United Nations conference, Law created their own sets of laws, and Business worked on their plans.

Minors continued in full force and the classes took to the gardens to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunshine.

The afternoon was filled with a talk by our founder and director, Professor James Basker, about poetry and the abolition movement. This was followed by a Fete in the gardens, complete with “splat the rat”, limbo, and jousting. The seminar students were treated to a cookout, ice creams, strawberries, popcorn and slushies. The fete was followed by an open mic session where the students showed off some of their talents.

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Tomorrow we look forward to the closing ceremonies, final projects, and our Best of Britain Bop!