Throw Dice Thursday

The die has been cast! Students enjoyed British boards games this evening including but not limited to Oxford-themed Monopoly and also relished the chance of a sunny change in weather for a very British field trip to Bleinheim Palace. The Duke of Marlborough sends his regards…

Classes continue to progress swimmingly: students in Genetics dissected mice (N.B. no mice were hurt in this demonstration as they all were already dead), investigated texting as a form of free verse in English literature, and even reenacted a United Nations summit. As for afternoon electives, Professor Basker dazzled students with his prestidigitation of Oxford trivia on a walking tour through the city’s most magical sites. Students were also treated to a glimpse of Rhodes House by another Rhodes Scholar and Seminar instructor. Those who wanted to give improv a chance also had the opportunity to find their voice on stage to improve their public speaking.

We cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds for our students, and hope for the good fortune of more good weather.