“A Merry Tune” and a Splendid Afternoon

If music be the food of love, students had their fill at Wadham College where they saw Love’s Labour’s Lost performed by the Oxford Shakespeare Company. Students will be sure to remember the 70s rendition of this timeless classic as well as the rain spells that marked the evening’s standout performances.

Earlier in the morning, students attended a lecture by Professor Basker about the major texts and contexts of Shakespeare. Among themes discussed, students wrestled with the idea of Shakespeare’s impermanence and how he manages to escape the confines of a single character. That lack of authorial voice was quite present in the range of talents the students saw at Wadham’s gardens.

Students, of course, also undertook a full day of majors and minors with equal vigour and curiosity. Notably, students enrolled in Genetics played the role of detective as they determined the extent to which DNA could vindicate a party in a legal case. In economics, the class grappled with game theory in a memorable activity.

The Oxford Seminar also enjoyed a lecture from Cllr. David Pope of Abingdon-on-Thames about the UK college process. Mr. Pope is an alumnus of New College, University of Oxford and coordinator of college admissions at the Abingdon School, one of the oldest independent schools in England. Many students asked him about how the interview process at Oxford and Cambridge works as well as how Oxbridge admissions compares to admissions for the Ivy League.

As sung by the cast at the end of Love’s Labour’s Lost, students enjoyed today’s “merry tune” and look forward to another lovely (although, hopefully, less wet) day tomorrow.

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