The final countdown…

As our students enter the final days of class, we catch up with the Behavioral Economics, Criminology and Studio Art classes.

Behavioral Economics

The photograph below show the students  playing a game in which the students were led to play and analyse their decisions or behavior. This game was the students’ group presentation in which they had to come up with the game and let their friends play it with some little incentives (candies).



The Criminology major class took a field trip to the CCTV headquarters. They got to ride in a double decker bus for the first time. In the CCTV headquarters the class had a discussion with Mr. Martin, the manager. They were able to view Cambridge and Huntington live video footage and possibly find criminals in the act!


Studio Art

Throughout their time on the program, the Studio Art students have worked with various mediums including chalk, pen, sketching pencils and as pictured here, oil paints:

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