NYCE Final Exhibitions Tomorrow

Tonight’s coffeehouse will be a opportunity for the Creative Writers to share with their peers, the Psychology students to display their knowledge, and the Speech and Debate students to put into practice their skills in front of an audience. The Journalism students created a website:  All the other classes will have a chance to share tomorrow afternoon during the Final Exhibitions in the Diana Center:

NYCE Exhibitions2016

Advertising & Media
1:30-2:15 pm in Room 501

Prepare for Virtual Reality

Students will be hosting an experiential and multimedia advertising concept called #Spaceality. Guests are invited to browse the exhibit and join us for an out of this world launch.

Art History/Photography/Fine Arts
McCagg Gallery 1:30 pm to 4:45 pm


Odyssey: a long journey full of adventures; a series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding to someone. Yet, when we travel, our experience is transient. We belong to a certain time and place, but not for long. Our experiences while traveling quickly turn into memories. Whenever and wherever we travel, we bring with us the baggage of our past memories and experiences. Beyond the physicality of the grid lays the city as experience: sight, sound, taste and touch; memory mixed with imagination. Within this exhibition, various works from both the Fine Art Major & Minor classes allow the viewer to experience the sensuality of the city through an immersive experience, where they may travel through unbounded spaces of memory, creativity and imagination to create a new reality for themselves. With the Art History students as your docents, come explore the Odyssey.

There will be refreshments for all served at the Art Gallery lobby from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm.


1:30-2:20 pm in the Oval

Shark Tank I

Step into the Shark Tank! Come watch aspiring entrepreneurs from the Finance class seek investments for the growth of their business models or product line from the tycoon investor sharks.  Experience the drama of pitch meetings! Welcome to the Tank! Watch the feeding frenzy!


Computer Science
1:30-1:40 pm in the Student Dining Room

Code, Secret Messages, and a Little Bit of History!

Come learn how one of the earliest encryption techniques, the Caesar cipher, works. Roman biographer Suetonius told us the secret code Julius Caesar used for secret military messages and we will share the secret with you!


1:45-2:15 pm in the Room 502

CSI: Oxbridge Experience

Do you have what it takes to solve a murder? As the latest recruit in the world of criminology and forensic science, guests will be challenged to play the role of a crime scene investigator in this multi-sensory, interactive exhibit and solve one true-to-life mystery. The hands-on experience includes everything from forensic anthropology to toxicology to immerse exhibit goers deep into the science of solving crimes. Hopefully you’ll solve the murder before time runs out


1:45-2:15 pm in the Student Dining Room

How to be a Millionaire!

Come and learn the importance of saving early in life for your retirement.  You will be surprised just how easy it is to become a millionaire.


4:00-4:20 pm in the Student Dining Room

Genetic Engineering and Drug Discovery

The students will be presenting two projects related to genetic disorders: 1) creating a website for a mock non-profit organization for a disease to increase public awareness 2) a presentation describing a preclinical drug discovery program, starting with the selection of a therapeutically relevant disease target through in vivo evaluation in a genetically engineered mouse model.



International Business: Wall Street and the World
2:50-3:40 pm in the Oval

Shark Tank II: International Edition

ROCKET PITCH!!   Four teams – each with a different business idea – will pitch investors in a fast paced and lively environment hoping to get them to invest in their billion dollar business idea. If they fail to get an investor onboard they will have dentition for life.


Math and Engineering
2:20-2:45 pm in the Student Dining Room

Bridging Math and Engineering

Students will be displaying their designs for scale models of various types of bridges. They will be speaking about the process by which they designed and created their structures and the inspirations for their models.


Medical Science
2:25-2:45 pm in the Oval

Future Physicians

Watch these future physicians demonstrate CPR and other skills they learned over the course of the summer. You might even learn how to save a life! Free blood pressure tests available for program participants!


Physics and the Future
4:30-4:45 in the Student Dining Room

Step into the World of Science!

Come play with the cool science experiments and learn how stuff works. We have fun circuits, crystals, windmills, magnetism and Virtual Reality projects on display.


Politics and Human Rights
2:50-3:10 pm in the Student Dining Room



Students of the Politics & Human Rights course compiled and edited a magazine entitled “RISE,” which includes articles on human rights issues ranging from the repression of environmental activists in Honduras to the Black Lives Matter movement. Each student selected a topic to carefully research and write about, giving readers insight into the history, political context, and potential solutions for these challenging human rights issues.


Sports Business
4:00-4:20 pm in the Oval

Shark Tank III: Sports Style

Students of Sports Business major and minor will present their final projects in teams with 3 students in each team. Each sports business project will be pitched to the potential investors and judges for 3 minutes similar in style and substance to the famous TV show “Shark Tank.” Each team will focus on the “value of their product,” “marketing campaign,” and “sales.”


Fashion, Filmmaking, and Musical Theater
7:30 pm in the Oval

“Styled By Me” and “A Month as a New York Fashion Student”

Come see the fashion courses’ video & runway shows as the fashion major students model their very own looks and the fashion minor students model ensembles designed by their class mates.

Musical Theater and Motion Picture Extravaganza!

After the Fashion runway clears, true to the New York Experience, stick around for the musical performances and short films on the big screen!