Plays, Pandemics, and Peterhouse!

Hello everyone!

Our heatwave in Cambridge is still going strong, although it’s not quite as warm as it was yesterday! Many of our classes have continued to make the most of this, and the entrepreneurship class had another lesson outdoors in Peterhouse’s beautiful deer park.


Some decided to remain in the shade indoors, and had fun and unusual class activities prepared. The medical science, veterinary science, and molecular biology classes teamed up today to participate in a simulation of a pandemic. They had to discuss the problem they were faced with, and make group decisions from the perspectives of doctors, diplomats, and world leaders. Their end result saw 85% of the population saved – a pretty successful outcome!

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The early evening saw several interesting talks in the theatre! First, we were lucky to hear from Bridget Kendall, notable journalist and the first female Master of Peterhouse. Her tenure began at just the same time as Cam Prep! She gave a comprehensive and interesting overview of her career, from her early interest in learning Russian to her firsthand experiences in chronicling the fall of the Soviet Union.

Next, students had an opportunity to learn the fascinating world of materials science from Jonathan Harris, a Cambridge doctoral researcher (and former Oxbridge teacher). Mr. Harris described some of the goals of materials science, as well as several case studies of truly fantastic materials (think carbon nanofibers hundreds of times stronger than Kevlar, or insulation that’s 99% air but can absorb hundreds of times its weight in oil)!


Later, some of the students made the most of the slightly cooler temperature in the evening sun, relaxing in Peterhouse grounds and enjoying the beautiful scenery around them. The Cambridge Shakespeare Festival is also continuing through the month, so there was a second opportunity to watch some outdoor theatre, which delighted those who were unable to attend before. This time, students enjoyed a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in King’s College Fellows’ Garden – an exciting reminder of the performance to come at the end of our stay from the drama class, who are working on the same play!

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Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team