Sentences Never Uttered

Students in the Creative Writing class came up with a series of poems, based on the theme ‘sentences never uttered’. The results are below;

Sentences Never Uttered…

 Llamas are banned in Canada.

Aging, garbage brie is boring.

            ~ Gabby Garcia


Can a raisin join his mob in rehab?

~ Mia Imbernino


Erosion means rain in Maine.

A mean bean joins a coin in rehab.

~Sarah Jane O’Connor


A college scholar evolves.

Love never craves leaving.

            ~Megan Spreen          


I crave volcanic love.

Love craves rain.

            ~Caroline Lavallee


I made aging, raging llamas sink in raisins.

            -Kaela Sanborn




 I ran away

After the storm

Between us,

Even when I heard

Your voice in the rain.

Forgive me,

It was so cold,

And anger is my enemy.

            ~ Gabby Garcia


She roamed among all of the grass in the rain.

Her mean bear can be horrible.

He has insomnia and he isn’t trained.

He seems enraged.

His brains rise above his head and remain there.

She ran from him all the way to Canada and didn’t look back once.

            ~ Mia Imbernino


A mean bear smashed our garage window

He also scraped your Ferrari

Forgive me, I couldn’t fight his claws

But I called Jen and now he’s in rehab

            ~Sarah Jane O’Connor


I left you a voicemail

You never called me back.

I was alive


Cosmic lines painted on black skies

Converging a mile high

And I called you

To talk about love

            ~Megan Spreen


I can never love a voicemail

Because I crave your voice


Living listening to recordings#

Savouring simple sounds

Calling continuously


Forgive me for raving over vocals




            ~Caroline Lavallee


This is just to say

I sold your llama

To a sailor

This morning


Forgive me

I needed the cash

I want to buy some brie

            -Kaela Sanborn

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