Experimenting with Formats in Photography Class!

Our Photography class has spent the past couple days working with an exciting array of photographic methods. This morning, Leonora, our Photography instructor, brought in a large-format camera—a device which allows for the creation of large, high-resolution prints without added technology. The amount of work that goes into preparing a shot with a camera like this requires a slower, more contemplative approach. Ansel Adams and other famous photographers of his era used cameras like these, and in this day and age of digital everything, this was an incredible opportunity for our students. The class had a great time experimenting with film technique and the added capabilities of the large format!

Earlier in the week, the students also visited the Santa Monica Camera Obscura! Camera Obscuras are devices which allow for the projection of a live image onto a screen without the use of electronics. They are thought to be one of the oldest photographic devices. The Santa Monica Camera Obscura sits right on the ocean and permits visitors to observe the surrounding scene, including passing boats and incoming weather, from within a darkened room.

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