Brooklyn Bridge

Yesterday students hung up their ear-phones, stowed their aversion to rain-drops, and, equipped with rain-jackets and umbrellas, set out for the Brooklyn Bridge in defiance of the rainy weather. By the time we made it to Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights, the last of the rain had fallen, the suffocating humidity had weakened its hold on the city, and a skittish breeze frolicked across sidewalks and the East River. Before crossing the iconic bridge, we headed to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for a refreshing treat and to take a few pictures of the city and this historic landmark from below. As we walked along the wooden planks of the bridge, the breeze picked up and the clouds parted to let the sky and sun come into view. It was a perfect day to defy the rain and cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

bb small group

group under brooklyn bridgebb backsbb selfie