Bathing, Betting and Boats!

Evening, Parents!

We’ve had the UK’s hottest day of the year here at CamPrep so our students had to teach a lot of our British admin team how to deal with the heat! In the beautiful sunshine, teachers continued to take their classes outside for lessons today. Entrepreneurship and Global Business joined forces to learn about crowdfunding and the role of investment banks in taking a company public. Meanwhile, the Veterinary Science class took a field trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park, seeing animals such as tigers, red pandas and capybaras.

20160719_115131 (1)

Taking shelter from the sunshine, some students came to the second of our ‘Afternoon Tea’ sessions. They took advantage of a very British tradition, enjoying scones, iced buns and tea in Peterhouse’s beautiful Upper Hall.

Meanwhile, others visited the oldest swimming pool still in use. Emmanuel College’s pool dates back to the seventeenth century, and so students enjoyed the opportunity to cool off in this historic site. DSC_000001 (5)The evening also allowed students to go and see the ‘Bumps.’ A Cambridge rowing tradition that evolved during the 1820s, it is a  continuous form of racing where the finishing order of the crews for one set of races forms the starting order for the next. It was a perfect evening for sitting by the river and cheering the boats on. DSC_000001 (8)Others took part in a poker night with two of our deans, John and Bill, here in college and really gave each other a run for their money!

Here’s hoping the beautiful weather continues!

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team