More Fantastic Field Trips

Who has not pondered how to get to Sesame Street, whether it is possible to see the stars in the city, where budding writers find their reading materials, how to use flex-fill reflectors in photography or the beauty and history of a tomb? These are some of the questions that occupied our students.

Art History students visited Grant’s Tomb to study and examine the monument.

Art History at Grant's Tomb

Photography students learned how to use flex-fill reflectors to manipulate sunlight.

Photography with flex fill reflectors

Creative Writing majors made their way to the Strand to procure reading materials.

Creative Writing Majors at Strand

Physics found out that you can see the stars in the city when majors went star-gazing at Columbia.

Physics Star Gazing at Columbia

Psychology students discovered that Sesame Street is not far from Lincoln Center, when they visited the studio to learn the role that psychology plays in the show.

Psych majors at Sesame Street