Fun-Times Friday

It was another amazingly fun-filled day at the Prep, despite some cloudy skies in the morning, the smiles of the preppers in the evening put a bright end on the day.

Today the Medical Science major visited the museum of the history of science for a fascinating workshop on the discovery and development of penicillin as a drug, including the important role that Oxford had to play in this.

Biotechnology also visited the Botanic Garden and the Pitt River Museum

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Activities were absolutely rocking with sock puppet creations, swing dancing, Mr. Benedictus as a guest speaker, and a showing of the movie Gattaca at the request of the Genetics class.

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Check out our swing dancers

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Here is a write by Derya about the movie, Gattaca, that her Genetics class watched.


The movie Gattaca revolves around the idea of the “perfect gene”. Vincent Freeman has always fantasized about going to space, but can’t because of his genetically inferior ‘invalid’ gene. To pursue his dream, Vincent purchases the genes of Jerome Morrow, a laboratory engineered ‘valid’ gene. He then uses Jerome’s DNA to join the Gattaca space program. The major class I am taking is genetics, and this movie is directly involved with my class, the title says it all. G-a-t-t-a-c-a is a series of DNA sequences like AT and GC. In this film people manipulate the genes of parents to create the “perfect child” which makes the kid ‘valid’. The category valid is noticed as the upper class and the invalid are considered the inferior class. Vincent was born with a high probability of having a heart disease. On the other hand, his brother is ‘designed’ by their parent to create the perfect child. This film presents a biopunk vision of a future society managed by genetic engineering where children are conceived through a process of gene manipulation to make sure they possess the best hereditary traits of their parents.