Crazy Bugs, Clotted Cream, and Crafts Galore!

Hello Parents!

Today we had a packed schedule, and students had a whole host of activities to choose from in the afternoon and evening after their major classes ended.

Our guest speaker today was Dr. James Gilbert, a lecturer in Zoology at the University of Hull. With stunning images practically beyond belief, he brought his varied experiences in all parts of the world to bear to tell students about the amazing world of insects. He had a great sense of humor and wowed us with tales of the unbelievable ways in which bugs have adapted to mate, camouflage, and attack their prey. Who knew that there’s a species of spider that exerts mind control on its enemies? And ants with acid cannons on their heads? Crazy stuff…

Some students took advantage of today’s warm weather and went on a long countryside walk to Grantchester Meadows, where they had the chance to sample a traditional English “cream tea.” Cream tea is an afternoon meal, and involves drinking tea and eating scones, clotted cream and jam. It is loved by the Brits and is a tradition which our students were more than happy to embrace!


A crafts activity was also organised today, and students had the chance to try their hand at glass painting. They all did amazing jobs, and ended up with some beautiful crafts at the end of the session!

Later in the evening, we had our second dance of the program, and this time it was a silent disco! Our activities directors had as much fun creating the playlists as the students did enjoying the dance, and the whole admin team came to experience the disco (and perhaps got a bit too involved in the dancing!).

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Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team