Faciendo Discimus

The old Latin adage faciendo discimus, “by doing we learn”, beautifully describes NYCE’s learning philosophy. At NYCE learning doesn’t just occur in the classroom, but in Grand Central, on a sidewalk, in a museum, at BuzzFeed or in a boardroom, and in all of these spaces students were learning by doing.

Donning their business attire, Finance and Business majors and International Business majors gathered around the conference table at Citibank, where they learned more about banking and made connections for their future careers in finance.

IMG_0932 (1)

Creative Writing minors toured the portrait gallery of the Whitney Museum and did some ekphrastic writing, while Sports Business majors visited Madison Square Garden.

creative writing minors at Whitney

Fine Art Majors tried their hand at gesture drawing and architectural drawing at Grand Central Terminal,  Journalism and Human Rights took a trip to BuzzFeed, and Photography students made their way to the Columbia overpass to shoot cars and pigeons, utilizing fast shutter to freeze motion.

IMG_1118 (1)

art majors at grand central 2photo at overpass 2