Catching up with the Genetics Minor

For the first official class, the Genetics Minor went to the Cambridge Science Centre for the special exhibition on “Life Works”. We had fun looking at stick insects, learning about the different cells in our body, fun facts about different organisms and their development and structure and got to play some cool games!


Second lesson saw us learning about the discovery of the DNA molecule, its structure and how it is organised in our cells. We visited the famous Eagle pub where, as the story goes, Watson and Crick first announced their discovery of the DNA double helical structure. We also walked down the well-known lane of the labs where the DNA helix and the electron were first discovered .


Ending the first week, we visited the Whipple Museum of the History of Science. We saw a range of instruments that were developed by scientists and explorers from different scientific backgrounds. The museum holds a great collection of organism models – fungi, plants and embryos – and also an amazing collection on old microscopes and lab instruments.