Capacitors, civil war and campaigns.

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Now in the second week of their studies, here is a snapshot of our Camtrad students’ classes.

Today in the Engineering major class, Brody Foy’s students investigated how capacitors can help smooth voltage in circuits. Here is short explanation by Grace Kasper:

We used a battery to illuminate a lightbulb, but the battery was too strong for the lightbulb. We then placed the resistor (the clay multi-colored object) in the circuit to lower the current flowing through. At the same time, we charged a capacitor, which quickly stored the energy released from the battery. When the battery was removed, the capacitor expelled its stored energy, as if the light dimmed.

Meanwhile, students learnt about the Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War in Maurice Casey’s Modern History Class. In Camilla Barker’s Law class, the students presented campaigns they have developed to address homelessness and squatting.