Tufts University Visit!

Today, students took a short bus ride outside of Boston to a town called Medford, Massachusetts to visit Tufts, a liberal arts college with a student body of about 5,300 students. Tufts College of the Arts and Sciences is just one of the schools that make up Tufts University. It also consists of an undergraduate school of engineering as well as several graduate schools from law and diplomacy to veterinary medicine. Tufts is consistently ranked one of the top universities in the country.

Upon arrival, an admissions officer described Tufts as a place where it’s “cool to be smart”. There, students can pick from over 70 majors and thousands of undergraduate courses. It is a liberal arts college, so students are encouraged to study whatever is of interest to them, and they will find that there is a lot of overlap between the knowledge and skills required for different fields of study. The admissions officer gave the example of a class on economic development, a class which involves the development of clean water solutions for a growing city. He asked our students, “For which major might this course might fulfill requirements?” Of course with “economics” in the name, this course would certainly fulfill the requirements for an economics major, but what about an environmental studies major? urban planning?  A chemistry major could also take this course because anyone developing a clean water solution would need to understand the contents of the water. More surprisingly, he explained that this course fulfills the requirements of the engineering students. Of course someone would need to develop the machinery necessary to purify the water.

Students at Tufts come from many different social and academic backgrounds, and they all bring their unique experiences to the table to create an exciting learning environment.

After the information session, students were treated to a campus tour led by a rising sophomore at the college who studies economics and enjoys playing on the club frisbee team in his free time. Below are pictures from the the visit.