Fourth of July Fun


International Business Students at Grant’s Tomb

In honor of Uncle Sam’s birthday, yesterday students donned star-spangled socks, flag print shirts, and other garments in the traditional red, white, and blue, and headed to Sheep Meadow in Central Park for a festive Fourth of July picnic. Some lounged under the cloudy sky, others played soccer and wiffle ball, and four brave souls participated in the first ever NYCE Frozen T-shirt contest, which was so much fun that a re-match has been demanded. Students refreshed themselves with watermelon, cookies, and lemonade and made it back to campus – happy but tired – just in time for the rain.


Fourth of July Picnic in Sheep Meadow in Central Park

Right now, on this seasonably warm and humid night, students, teachers, and administrators are at Citi Field engaging in one of the most beloved American, summer pastimes – watching a baseball game. No doubt, students are enjoying peanuts and Cracker Jack as they watch the Mets and Marlins and cheer along with fans.


Citi Field