A jam-packed day!

Evening Parents!

We’ve had another day packed full of activities here in Cambridge and the sun continues to shine. This morning, after assembly, major classes continued and our resident photographers managed to get some great snaps of them in action. In ‘Science and the Future’ classes today the students got practical and built models of different cubic unit cells to study crystalline materials, while the Entrepreneurship class  continued on their projects.

With no minor classes this afternoon, the schedules were even busier than usual, with lots of options available. Peterhouse has a beautiful croquet pitch and so some  of the students took the opportunity to learn how to play and showed a lot of talent! Others made friendship bracelets in the deer park. IMG_2431

Other students took part in a traditional Cambridge activity today and went punting along the river! Luckily we had no one fall in, although our guide did give some the chance to have a go at punting us along. We witnessed some other very precarious boats so were very grateful that ours stayed afloat – and that no rain arrived to flood our punt!

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to have the head of Oxbridge Academic Programs, Professor Jim Basker, here to speak to the students. He gave a participatory talk entitled ‘How Poets Helped End Slavery’, encouraging the audience to consider the attitudes to slavery shown in the poems that he read .

Finally, at the end of a very packed day, our activities directors organised a very competitive series of team building exercises, as the students were challenged to build their own bridges and see how much they could balance on them, before building a protective case for an egg and seeing how high a fall it could survive. The engineering tactics used were incredible – the eggs survived from a very impressive height! Other students took the opportunity to watch the semifinal of the European Cup.

Best wishes,

The CamPrep Team