OxPrep Gets Into Full Swing

The abrupt awakening of the 7:30 am fire drill got the kids up bright and early allowing them to be ready for the full day ahead. We had major classes in the morning followed by an assembly in which we got to hear the first edition of the legendary Papa P’s Threes (reminders presented at every assembly in verse form). The winners of the Sunday’s OxQuest, where teams got a chance to explore some of the hidden mysteries of Oxford were announced, and received various prizes.


The Winning Team

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The end of the assembly gave way to the afternoon of fun, which was focused through a complete activities schedule.  Creative expression was catered for through the median of photo mug making and string art, whilst others choose to pursue certain sports for  the first time, with cricket and touch rugby.  This was followed by an evening games night, including the ever popular challenge to beat resident chess master, David Benedictus.

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