Director’s Update Week 1

Parents and Guardians,

It seems hard to believe that it has been only one week since I last wrote to assure you of the safe arrival of our students. And much has happened since. Lasting friendships have been forged, and the students have comfortably adjusted to life in the “city that never sleeps”. Inside and outside the classroom, they have engaged in lively discussions and expanded their intellectual horizons.

Major and Minor courses are going very well – future physicians have interviewed ailing patients to dig into their medical histories; budding visual artists have sketched the constant motion and buzz at Grand Central Terminal, and emerging economists have learned how to find the ideal price for an ice cream based on the demand. Learning certainly does not stop at the classroom door, like the Human Rights students taking class time out to explore the Tenement Museum. At week’s end, the students had a chance to cut loose at the 4th of July Dance in the Diana Oval here on campus. Today, half of the students will be attending the matinee of musical SCHOOL OF ROCK on Broadway with their classmates. The other half of the program will attend next weekend.

This coming week promises to be even more exhilarating — on Thursday, five group trips will take everyone in five different Ivy League directions: to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA; to Yale University in New Haven, CT; to Princeton University in Princeton, NJ, all the way up to Brown University in Providence, RI, and simply across the street to Columbia University. While there, the students will get a taste of college life in these hallowed halls of learning and receive in-depth information about the college application process.

There are still three more marvelous weeks in which to explore New York before our journey ends.

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