Arrivals Day – Hooray!

Hello OxPreppers!

We are so happy you all made it here! In spite of some impressive journeys, your spirits remained high, smiles bright, enthusiasm present and you were calm, cool, collect, confident travelers! It takes courage to embark on journeys, and getting here was a big first step for many of you!

Once the students, bags, and staff members were on their respective buses, the trip to Oxford surely flew by (especially when some of you were greeted by fellow students giving rounds of applause).

Coming in to Oriel College, I am sure the warm welcome from Deans Van and Cook were just what was needed to put you at ease – and a big thank you to the PAs and teachers who helped you find your rooms and gave you tours of the college.

We were so pleased to see so many of you extending yourselves, making new friends and helping each other get settled and orientated.

Thank you to all of the students for listening attentively to “Papa P” (The Director, John Pendergast) as he addressed you in assembly, and we are proud of you for remembering to check-in at dinner time! Keep that up!

Tomorrow is an exciting day with introductions to your major and minor teachers, and most importantly – THE OXFORD QUEST! Where there are sure to be some fantastic prizes to be won! So put those teamwork and thinking caps on, stick together, and see how many challenging “quest”ions you can answer!

We also have our first staircase function tomorrow evening – a great chance to get to know each other a little better, and go over the finer points of the program!

Until Tomorrow OxPreppers – happy sleeps! Let the OxPrep Experience begin!