4 More Sleeps – Things are taking shape!

Hello OxPreppers!

It was a busy day in the programme office, as the staff progressed in their preparations for your arrival!

The PA’s were busy making the office look amazing: putting up photos, the “where are we from” map of the world, and maps of Oxford.

The AD’s were filling the calendar with fun and ensuring that the sporting equipment was all in tip-top shape and ready for action.

The Deans and Director were checking through student welcome packages so that you will be well informed upon arrival about some of the finer details concerning the first few days and some reminders about campus and programme life.

The exciting part, is that your teaching faculty arrive tomorrow! And what a fine crew assembled for you!

Here are some teasers about your teaching staff:

  • There are four Rhodes Scholars
  • Two Gates Scholars
  • Six returning teachers
  • Thirteen eager new teachers
  • A fully multinational faculty – at least ten different countries!

You will get to find out more about them tomorrow after they arrive on campus!

Until then, please read over yesterday’s post about arrival information and other FAQ’s