Seven more sleeps – Time to meet the Admin!

Hello OxPreppers!

Greetings from Oriel College in beautiful Oxford – we can not wait to welcome you to the city of dreaming spires!

Dreaming Spires? What are those? Well, Oxford received this nickname from lines in a poem called “Thyrsis”, written in 1865 by Matthew Arnold. The poem itself was an ode to a friend of Arnold’s, but the lines concerning Oxford are perhaps the most memorable.

“And that sweet city with her dreaming spires,  She needs not June for beauty’s heightening…”
The poem describes Oxford from the author’s point of view, looking back upon it from a hill outside of town. You can read the poem here – Thyrsis.

The admin team arrived this evening and had their first opportunity to get to know each other, and honestly, what an amazing crew! Our crew is comprised of veteran and novice members from the United States, Canada, Poland, England, and Australia to name a few! And they are all pumped to meet you!

Program Director John Pendergast has been a part of the OxPrep family for over a decade and all of his children have participated as students on the OxPrep program.
The Deans are a solid experienced crew, Dean Van has been making Oxpreppers smile for the past eight summers, Dean Morgan is looking forward to filling the blog with photos of her fifth OxPrep Crew,  and Dean Cook is looking to make it four summers in a row of showing students how its done on the soccer pitch and on the microphone
Activities Directors Chen and Robert are new to OxPrep this year and have a wealth of ideas for filling the calendar with fun, cultural, engaging, and unique activities!
Our crew is rounded out with our PA’s who are the Fantastic Four! Back for her second summer is Michalina, and joining her are Augusta (aka Gus), William and Daniel. They will be working in the office, participating in activities, and making sure life in residence is comfortable and a well-rounded community.
 Shortly, the blog will have features on your program admin team (see below) as well as your teachers, so you can have a little inside information about them before meeting them!
We  will also be posting useful information regarding packing, arrivals day, and some things to see and do around town!
See you in seven sleeps!
(PS: To read bios, click on the photo and scroll down!)