The Oxford Quest

On Monday afternoon, our OxSem students ventured off into the city of Oxford to complete their Oxford Quest: a scavenger hunt designed by our Activities Directors to showcase the city and help students acclimatise to their surroundings. Their prearranged teams also meant that students got the opportunity to introduce themselves to others, and to make new friends.

As part of their quest, students had to take photos at various important landmarks around Oxford — and they’re so fun that we thought we’d include a few of them here. Selfie time!

Though mostly for fun and games, there were also some prizes for those who completed the Quest most accurately and speedily..! These prizes were awarded to the following teams:

1st Place: High Tea at The Grand Café

Team 45: Emma Frisch, Victoria Edwards, Shreeya Majithia, Joyla Kobeissi, Isabelle Lafky, Amna Salatt.

2nd Place: Lunch with your favourite Faculty member

Team 7: Jungwon Shin, Shreya Patel, Danhia Mehri, Karin Arabi, Alex Hermosa, Brynne Mekhaus, Arty Thayaparan.

3rd Place: Cinema Trip

Team 15: Shannon McCrackon, Rosie Ryan, Adam Wyatt, Lilah Schwartz, Alex Schultz.

Congratulations to all who participated — all students who handed in their Quest will receive a £5 book voucher for the wonderful bookshop, Blackwell’s, in Oxford.