Class Focus: Medicine

Predrag Bjelogrlic is our Medical Science teacher this year.

Predrag returns to Oxbridge Academic Programs for his fourth year. He is a Principal Teaching Fellow from the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews – the oldest Scottish University. In St Andrews he is a Clinical Skills Leader, involved in teaching medical students during their first three years of the Medicine Honours degree.

After graduating in Medicine from the University of Belgrade, he moved to the UK and completed several junior doctor posts in East Anglia and Northern Ireland. Then he graduated with an MSc in Histopathology from the University of London, before coming to St Andrews School of Medicine in 1997. His main interests are in Medical Education and OSCE assessment.

Here are the Medical science students performing the recovery position for an unconscious casualty:

And here students measure a palpating carotid pulse:

Becoming experts in the field of CPR…

The following photos are a demonstration of how hand sanitisation is so important for our hygiene. Predrag’s Medical science minor students washed their hands using glitter bug — which then showed all the missed dirty areas. Lots of glowing hands! Then, Predrag demonstrated to them how to wash their hands as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Today MedSci students were measuring vital body signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulses and pulse oximetry.

They’ve certainly been busy..! Here’s to another few days ahead of us as successful as those just gone.