Ave atque vale

As we finish packing up the Program Office that has been our base of operations for a month, we wanted to leave you with some final words from Greg:

Dear Families of the Cambridge Tradition —

Our final coach has departed for the airport and with heavy hearts we report that our program is now officially over.
Our month together finished in spectacular fashion. After final classes, students enjoyed a formal banquet, an awards assembly, and a masquerade ball complete with bouncy castles, chocolate fountains, and the usual bop. Midnight pizza was accompanied by a faculty rendition of ‘Please Don’t Go’,  a variation on ‘Let Them Go’ from the animated film Frozen, and a slide show featuring highlights from the program. In short, it was a typical day at the CamTrad.
Our first coaches left at 3.30 am and 12 hours later Jesus College has gone eerily silent; now we hear only the gentle soughing wind and the plaintive chimes of the chapel. The memories, however, remain intact. It’s impossible to recreate all that we have done together, but I trust that your sons and daughters — once they have rested – will fairly glow with tales of learning and discovery.
We in the staff and admin of the Cambridge Tradition would like to thank you all for sending us such impressive scholars and people. We encourage them to keep in touch, and we wish them the very best in their next adventures.
Sincerely —
Greg Gonzalez