Awards and Celebrations!

On our final night, we are always spoiled with a fantastic program of events.

All the students were dressed to the nines: suit and tie, heels and jewels. Many of the faculty members were wearing their subfusc

Full academic dress, known as sub fusc (from the Latin sub fuscus meaning dark brown), must be worn at all formal University ceremonies including matriculation and degree ceremonies. Sub fusc is also required when sitting examinations (mortar boards and gowns may be removed during the examination).

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The night begins with a fantastic seated and served dinner by the Oriel staff: students were sat in Hall, in the balcony, and a lucky few in the Champney’s Room, usually reserved for senior students and fellows. The dinner was excellent, highlighted by a most excellent desert of Eton Mess.


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After dinner we headed to St. Mary’s Church, just across the High St, to have our awards ceremony. Each teacher did a magnificent job of talking about their class and their talented OxPreppers. Award winners each received a fabulous certificate noting their accomplishment, and a gift selected by their teacher especially for them.

Award Winners were

Applied Science, presented by John Danial to Mackenzie
Architecture, presented by Michael Ramirez to Cameron
Biotechnology, presented by Joanna Bonnici to Teya
Business Communications, presented by Emma Riley to James
Business and Finance, presented by Maka Tounkara to Colin
Computer Science and App Design Samuel Greene to Santiago
Creative Writing, presented by David Benedictus to Charlotte
Drama, presented by Joy Forsythe to Sarah
Economics, presented by Robert Sturrock to Kyle
Genetics, presented by Luka Katic to Teya
History Secrets, presented by Miles Unterreiner to Daphne
International Relations, presented by Deepali Kulkarni and Sarah Miller to Kianna
Journalism, presented by Kameel Premhid to Julianna
Law & Society, presented by Ian Werrett to Leticia
Literature & the Fantastic, presented by Matthew Roby to Maria
Medical Science, presented by Charlotte Clark to Riccardo
Philosophy, presented by Jonathan Monson to Hope
Photography, presented by Maria Salaru to Josephine
Psychology, presented by John Redos to Maria
Speech & Debate, presented by Leonie Schulte to Ruth
Studio Art, presented by, Lia Marcoux to Carolina

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