Final Director’s Report: Week Four

Dear Parents

As I write this, I cannot believe that your children will depart from Peterhouse and Cambridge on Thursday. The faculty, staff, and I have loved teaching them and watching them embrace all that Cam Prep has to offer. It seems too soon to say goodbye.

If you will be picking up your child at Peterhouse, we would prefer that you come between 9:30 am and noon. Of course if your schedule necessitates another time, we will try to accommodate that. For the rest of our students who will be flying home from airports, we have made arrangements to get them to their flights safely and in plenty of time.

We will celebrate the culmination of the month’s coursework with class exhibitions for all the Cam Prep students and faculty, beginning with the Speech and Debate class debating each other in the Cambridge Union on this evening. The Cambridge Union is the oldest continuously running debating society in the world, having been founded 200 years ago, so our students are truly lucky to be speaking there.

On Tuesday, Drama students will perform Macbeth twice in the Hall (an appropriately dramatic space!), and we will view a photo exhibit and an art exhibit (from two minor classes in Photojournalism and Studio Art). Entrepreneurship students and Global Business students will pitch their new businesses to potential investors amongst the students and faculty. In addition, students are eager to see the three short movies that our film-makers have been shooting all over campus, with plenty of students and teachers featuring in starring roles.

In other classes, such as Medical Science and Molecular Biology, students have made posters to illustrate their research projects and the results of their studies. Creative Writing students will read some of their favorite pieces that they have written over the month, and one or two classes have been secretive about their final exhibition plans to build suspense and interest.

Last night, we had a dance with music provided by a popular Cambridge band. The students enjoyed them so much that they begged me to take a group shot with the band members (see below).

Along with the exhibitions, we only have two major classes and one minor class session left, and then the final banquet and dance on Wednesday evening. I predict we will have a tough time getting everyone to bed at a decent hour since they will want to hang on to their new friendships for as long as possible.

It has been a real privilege to get to know your sons and daughters over the past month and to watch them grow academically and personally at Cam Prep. We wish them and you all the best in the future.



Program Director