Super Saturday

Unbelievably, today was the last Saturday of the Cam Prep program! It was business as usual in major classes this morning: there were dissections in the medical science class, while the film-making group worked on editing their films and other classes were adding the finishing touches to their projects in anticipation of their unveiling this coming Tuesday.


And as always, tons of activities were put on to keep the students busy this afternoon once classes ended, and they certainly made the most of it!

Street Dancing

A highlight was the street dancing class – at the end of which those attending had almost perfected an entire routine!

Afternoon Tea

We had our last Afternoon Tea with the faculty – a bi-weekly event since the program began. This gives students and faculty the chance to talk to and interact with some of the many talented teachers and admin staff on the program, while also enjoying the quintessentially British combination of tea and scones.

Craft: Pottery

Others took the opportunity presented by Emma’s craft classes to engage in some pottery painting. More pictures to come!


The Dance

Finally, the Saturday night dance was made extra special because of the presence of the band ‘Truly Medley Deeply’, who played some exceptional cover songs to keep the kids dancing the night away.




As ever, Sunday is a day of rest for students and faculty alike in terms of academic studies – but there will be no shortage of activities for those who still have the energy!