Mixing with the Minors, Hostage Negotiation, Punting, and Photography Comp

Although our Cam Prep students have spent less time in their Minor classes than they have in their Majors, they have nevertheless produced some fantastic work. See below for a sneak peak into what they’ve been doing:

Studio Art

Today we dropped in on CJ’s Studio Art minor class, in which the students have been working hard on various projects over the past couple of weeks. A sample of some of the students’ work is shown below. All the students are working towards the end-of-program exhibition where they will be presenting their work.

Abstract paintings completed by the group:

An observational drawing, based on a sculpture at the Fitzwilliam museum, which is conveniently located beside Peterhouse:

Some of the students’ collage maps:

Artificial Intelligence

Meanwhile, in Artificial Intelligence with Emily, the students have been producing storyboards for a putative AI film.

 Hostage Negotiation with Richard Mullender

The students from Terrorism and Global Politics enjoyed a talk and question-time with hostage negotiator Richard Mullender. A former detective with the Metropolitan Police investigating serious crimes, Mullender completed his training as a hostage negotiator and was eventually appointed Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard’s National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit. He was part of the team that negotiated the high-profile release of three UN workers held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2004, and his expertise contributed to the intelligence that informed the rescue of Norman Kember in Iraq in 2006. In the decade since leaving the police, Mullender has established his own independent consultancy agency. Mullender spoke to the students about the skills necessary to hostage negotiation and emphasised the importance of listening and understanding the mindset of hostage takers in such situations.

Punting in the Rain

Armed with umbrellas and rain-coats, a few extra-keen students braved the rain this afternoon in order to go punting with Pete and Emma! Fun was had despite the rain and all returned home longing for a hot shower and dinner.

And the winner is!


During morning assembly yesterday, the winner for week 2 of the photography competition was announced. With the theme of ‘Portraiture’, Maddy Minelli was the photographer of the winning entry, entitled ‘Sweet Harmony’. For legal reasons, we cannot post her picture on the blog, but we wish to congratulate Maddy on her creative and critical eye.