Psychology Shares

We at the blog are a bit guilty of not posting much from the Psychology class as their learning space is a little bit removed from the main college area.

Here are some photos from the last few weeks, and many thanks to the Psych teacher, John R. who shared his photos with us today.

In addition, Maria P wrote some of her thoughts about their London trip!

My name is maria Pavlou and I’m part of the psychology major class. We recently had our trip to London. Words cannot express how much gratitude and satisfaction I felt. We started off our day having a picnic and picking up rubbish in Hyde park. A little girl tripped in front of us, got right back up, took the rose we offered her and stumbled away to her mother with the widest grin on her face. That was the moment of clarity I needed to experience  to truly understand the joy we all have the capacity of feeling with selfless acts. The whole day followed suit and my happiness meter almost exploded. We gave out free high fives, free roses and inspirational post it notes. You could tell by the expressions on people’s faces that we’d just made their day. I went to bed that night feeling an ache in my legs (all the blood clots loosening ) and my faith in humanity restored!

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And a few more snaps from class presentations

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