It’s about time!

As the program starts to wind down (that is right, only a week and two days left!), the projects and presentations start to pick up. Here is a little sample from one of our philosophy students.


Philosophy Op-Ed: By Hope S

As we become older, life as we know it changes. Many friends will be lost. Heartbreakers will be accused in the present and future. Our lives as teenagers is unpredictable at the the moment, but it is up to us to be individuals. We need to change the way people see teens.

The human nature throughout history has changed astonishingly. Now that technology is apart of our daily lives, we have become less social. A society were people will go out and form conversation is now turn to social media era. We no longer call and ask about each others lives. It has likes and comments on people’s feed. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram , and Myspace have advanced in communication. Now people don’t go out on dates. Just with one clip they instantly are on every dating site formed such as eHarmony and The basic interaction like emotions altered to Emojis. This shows you how times are changing. Before this everyone was happy and interacting , now you are looked at oddly if you say “How are you?”. We are the age of trends. Many feel they need to live up to the ever changing status.The grand status of things in and things out. We are the age of iPhone, iPads, and Snapchat. The trend makes it hard for people who want to rebel. The rebels become abnormal to the rest of the human eyes.This creates many problems for teens because it is the at of stealing. Some cannot afford the luxuries and desires many teens now a days have. Their only resort is to be envice and maybe take it upon yourselves to do a crazy act.

The 21 Century is the where many things are just a post away. Over time we will lose our individuality. In classic novel is based the Utopian community , “The Giver” the main character Jones finds that his home is not what he thought. He lost his creativity, which society and systems deplete us from. Things in particular schools in the states it has been aiming at students to have a robotic mind. They want students to just memorize and not learn. In order to be a functional and progressing society, which Fromn (modern Philosopher) talked about, we need more liberal and creative system. Would you want to live in a world where a robotic state accuses or a place where creative individuals can express their ideas into the next Apple. We must redefine the way teens, in particular, are seen as. It is up to us to create a new definition of the world for our future.