After-work Activities

After a day’s studying in their Major and Minor classes, it was time for the Cam Preppers to unwind in the early afternoon and evening with some activities.

The Raptor Foundation

Some students paid a visit to Jesus College to take part in a demonstration by the Raptor Foundation. The Foundation provides rescue, sanctuary, rehabilitation, and medical care for various birds of prey, before releasing them back into the wild. Everyone got a chance to don the falconry glove and have one of the birds – among them the Harris Hawk, Tawney Owl, Barn Owl, and the White-Faced Cops Owl – land on their arm.

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Lip-Sync Battle

This evening, Cam Prep put on its first ever Lip-Sync Battle! The competition saw the contestants attempt to carry out the best on-stage performance whilst matching their lip movements to a particular song, as first introduced on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The winner was decided by the audience. Renditions of I’ll Make a Man out of You (Mulan) and If You Wanna Be My Lover (Spice Girls) were met with roars from the adoring crowd, while AD Pete’s performance of Scream (High School Musical 3) was suitably hilarious. But it was Super Bass by Niki Minaj that drew the biggest cheer and ultimately won the day (and the most Major Series points for the performer concerned!)