International Relations update

Here are some great photos of the International Relations class this week.

The IR and Espionage classes had a mixer we had this week. the IR class have been studying War and Peace looking at Just War theory and critiques. They joined up with Espionage who gave them a run through of how Espionage evolved over the world wars as an instrument of war. The students then did a simulation where they imagined that World War Three had broken out (imagining that the Iranian Nuclear deal had been mangled) and the students had to come up with both a peace plan and a war plan. The pictures show the students strategising as The U.S., Iran, Russia and Israel.

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Hers’s another picture from yesterday’s class where they discussed the politics of humanitarian intervention, volunteerism and aid. They did an exercise to bring to light the privileges the students have, and how these alter their perceptions of how, when and what to give as well as of those they give to when they volunteer. They then discussed R2P (responsibility to Protect) and the impact of Resolution 1973 on the NATO intervention in Libya on humanitarian grounds in Benghazi. Their speaker for the day was Jesus PhD student Christine van Hooft, who is an Australian economist studying International Development. She led a discussion by Jesus’ stunning modern art installations on the challenges of aid between developed and developing countries.

The IR class also celebrating Mandela Day today at The Granchester Orchard. Another glorious day in International Relations!