Canterbury Trip

Yesterday all students and staff enjoyed a visit to Canterbury, the historic city and home of Canterbury Cathedral.

During the visit students were taken on tours of the 11th century cathedral by Canterbury’s experienced tour-guides. The Cathedral was built in the late 11th century in the Norman style, although a cathedral has existed on the site since 597. The cathedral is infamous as the site of Thomas Beckett’s murder in 1170, after which it became a site of pilgrimage. Today the cathedral exists as a site of historical heritage, and a stunning example of medieval architecture, as can be seen below;

Students enjoyed expert tours of the cathedral, which features boasts an impressive collection of stained glass windows, the earliest of which dates from the late 12th century.

Following the tours students attended short talks by teachers, ranging from the Cathedral’s architecture and art history to the fate of Thomas Beckett’s brain. After this students were free to explore the city before heading back to Cambridge for a quiz and relaxing evening.