Art, Architecture and Astrophysics and more . . .

Here are some more photos from the classes that have been taught this week.

We have still life drawings from the Art Major and Minor students and some photos of them hard at work;

Our Architects have been out and about sketching the buildings of Jesus College itself.


The Astronomy and Astrophysicists have been learning about how sundials work and this first photo was taken with the Polyhedral Sundial at the Downing Site. It is one of the many sundials they investigated as part of a sundial trail through Cambridge this morning. The second is of students taking shadow measurements as part of an experiment to estimate the circumference of the earth.

Finally, the Medicine and the Brain class learned about dendrites, neurons, and soma in a game involving tennis balls, cones, and each other on the cricket pitch.


Tomorrow classes will all be taking place in Canterbury and we’re excited to see what the students make of this medieval city.