Advice for packing and your arrival


  • Remember your passport, as well as the passport control letter provided to you by Oxbridge Academic Programs.
  • When travelling keep these documents on your person at all times!
  • Try not to over-pack! You will be responsible for carrying your own luggage in the airport, out to the coaches going to Cambridge, and up and down staircases in residential halls. There are laundry facilities in college (which are free to use), so don’t try to bring enough clothes to last a month!
  • Clothes for hot and cold weather – it gets chilly in the evenings, and even though it is lovely and sunny now, the weather may change in the coming weeks. So ideally bring a jacket to wear in the rain or a sun hat for when it’s scorching.
  • Comfy shoes to wear in the airport and on the trips away to London and Canterbury as there will be quite a lot of walking!
  • Other essential clothes include sports kit, or clothes you can run around and get a bit messy in, as our Activities Directors have got so many exciting things planned!
  • You might want to bring a slightly smarter outfit or two for Closing Ceremony and for the ‘Bops’ (dances that are put on every week).
  • Medicines and glasses/ contact lenses, or any other essential things you need.
  • You can bring toiletries, but you can buy them at the Boots that is close by.
  • Phone chargers and plug adapters
  • You will NOT need linen and towels, as the college provides these. However, you may want to bring a spare towel for swimming.

Your Arrival

  • When you arrive in England you’ll go through customs (the queues are often quite long!) and then continue to “Baggage Reclaim” to collect your luggage – information will be provided on overhead screens where carousels are located.
  • After you’ve collected your bags, walk out of the luggage collection space and into the international arrivals lobby. There will be a staff member holding a blue and white sign that reads, “The Cambridge Tradition” on it! That’s us! Come over and introduce yourself and from then we will sort everything out.
  • You might have to wait for a little while after you join the team in Arrivals, as we will be collecting students from lots of different flights. Please be patient and follow the directions of your team leader.
  • From the airport, we will travel by coach (or private car) to Cambridge; this takes approximately forty minutes from Stansted Airport, one and a half hours from Heathrow Airport, and one hour and fifty minutes from Gatwick Airport (all these times are approximations and travel dependent).

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you suggest we use a credit card or cash?

You should be able to use your credit card in town. There are some food carts or stalls in the market that might insist upon cash. There are cash machines all around Cambridge. We suggest you check with your bank ahead of time to find out if they have partnerships with banks here, in order to lessen transaction fees.

2) Where is the nearest bank machine and shops?

There is a bank machine, a five-minute walk from college. Jesus College is situated right in the centre of Cambridge, so you are really close to supermarkets and all other useful shops you may need.

3) What are the daily activities after the major and minor classes?

Your Activities Directors Louise and Ian will be putting on a fun filled program which you will be told more about once you have arrived. You will never be bored here; from sports to art and crafts, as well as punting, there will be loads of great activities to do in the afternoons, evenings and weekends with your new friends!

4) Will there be any WiFi access?

Yes, we will give further instructions about this when you arrive.

Have a great journey, and we can’t wait to see you all on Monday!