Cake decorating, (English) football, and Professor Sangwin

We had a packed afternoon and evening of activities yesterday, and the sun stayed shining! In the Peterhouse bar, a group of us assembled to decorate cakes, as others turned up to eat them.

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Whilst cake decorating was under way, footballers headed to Parker’s Piece to showcase their skills.

In the evening, we welcomed Professor Christopher Sangwin to give a talk, ‘How round is your circle?’ His biography can be found in our the blog post below. It was a fascinating event, enjoyed by all who attended. The Math and Nature Major earned points for the ‘Cam Prep Major Series’ for attending in great numbers. These points are awarded for excellence, enthusiasm, or attendance to activities, quizzes, and other events. Currently, British Empire and Social Psychology Majors are in the lead with 4 points.