Welcome to La Escuela Preparatoria de Barcelona 2013

Sagrada Vista

Greetings from La Escuela Preparatoria de Barcelona (we like to shorten that to Barca Prep), our prep program in Spain. I should clarify and say “your” program, as the individual qualities and experiences you will bring make each program and each year a unique experience.

Barcelona, “La Ciudad Condal,” has been one of the most important cities on the Iberian Peninsula since the 13th century and one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years. Many exchanges have occurred between Barcelona and the New World during this time, and now you will be a part of the many individuals who have journeyed to this jewel of a city.

I am certain that your time in Barcelona will be unforgettable, and the world you discover will change your life forever. Soon you will gather in this amazing place to meet new people, experience new ways of thinking, and plumb the depths of your curiosity, initiative, and intellect. In this fifth year of Barca Prep, I am as excited as you are for the coming experiences and wonderful time we will spend together.

The Barca Prep admin team has been working hard in preparation for your arrival. You will find that this careful preparation will yield a summer’s worth of experiences and memories. From the Greek and Roman ruins of Girona, to the seaport town and beaches of Tarragona, to the heart of metropolitan Barcelona, you will find a region steeped in history and culture. As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is an especially amazing crossroads where Spanish mixes with the native Catalan, the classical Spanish masters mix with the greats of the modernismo movement, and long stretches of coastline sit in the shadows of the Pyrenees. For 2,000 years, scholars and sailors, merchants and artists, musicians and athletes, and countless others have all left their mark on Barcelona. Now it is your turn.

Our Blog will highlight our month here together and serve as a living record of our experiences. In addition, we will introduce our talented faculty and administrators as well as feature our activities, events, classes, excursions, and daily life at the program.

All the best from Barcelona,

Jorge Salas
La Escuela Preparatoria de Barcelona